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The First Step

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

To change your life, there is one thing you can do straight away – start meditating.

In our society meditation still isn’t a common thing, it is often seen as something from a different culture, something strange. This view often comes from a lack of information, and as we all experienced in our lives many times – something that we do not understand we often perceive as weird.

However, from my experience, every person that stepped into their meditation path always benefited from it. Meditation can help you to deal with stress and negative emotions, can boost positive thinking and mental health. It helps to expand awareness and emotional control. It supports concentration and focus, therefore you become more effective. There are unlimited benefits that are unraveling during the journey, every person comes into meditation with different intentions and every person finds more than what they had in mind at the beginning.

What then is stopping us from practicing meditation? I believe that often the steps how to start are unclear or we take the approaches that lead us to unsatisfying results.

For me, the first step is Commitment – and I am looking at it in many ways:

· Commitment to the time that you will spend meditating. The commitment made to yourself is that no matter how busy your day will get you will find time for yourself; you will find a place where you can close your eyes and sit still. Meditation is a lot like exercise, you will not see results if you do it only once.

· Commitment to being Patient with yourself and with your journey. This can be hard to come by when we are facing obstacles, when we are looking for a quick solution, when the fix is not coming the way we expected but the patience is key to daily practice. Some days it might seem that you make no progress, that the session doesn’t go the right way, that you get distracted. You can overcome this if you are committed to being patient.

· Commitment to being Kind to yourself. Meditation extends awareness, it leads to reflection, reflection about your life, about the others but mostly about yourself, it is important to stay gentle with yourself, to hug yourself even when your flaws become apparent you need to remember that you are making the steps to mend them. You are enough.

· Commitment to making it Enjoyable. Open your heart, enjoy, let the positive vibes get through, smile to yourself even if you lose focus, even if there is more thoughts than you wish still running through your mind, accept them, make peace with yourself.



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