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Healing through Meditation.

Our bodies are amazingly designed structures with the power of self-healing. We often hear about people that healed themselves but usually we do not believe that we are capable of doing the same ourselves. Naturally, I am not encouraging anyone to give up on the traditional medicine, especially when it comes to serious illnesses or injuries, but I firmly believe that we all have the tools within ourselves that when used correctly can help and speed up healing.

Usually if we experience some health problems, from the head cold to more serious sicknesses or injuries there are reasons behind it, there is something that we have done to our system that caused the issue. It can be poor nutrient intake, bad diet, smoking, stress, inactive lifestyle and many more. If we investigate these closely, we can see that all those are caused by our choices, it is nobody else only us responsible for it. Of course, we can get injured by the third party and it will be completely out of our control, but still, what we can influence is the healing process. If our body’s system is strong, we will recover from it much faster. Can meditation help this process? YES, we can heal ourselves from the inside out with the right type of meditation. Most people know that meditation can transform the mind and that the mind can transform the body.

Meditation can help you to make the right choices – through the meditation practice we are learning to reconnect with our true nature, we commence the journey of self-understanding, this includes understanding of what serves us best. When you mediate regularly it comes nearly naturally that you reject the bad habits and you adopt healthier ones. This happens as you go deeper into finding your own purpose and you realise how important your body is in order to fulfil this purpose. You become more gentle and caring with yourself.

Meditation encourages your connection to nature – when you practice meditation and mindfulness you discover the importance of natural cycles and what more how to live in harmony with these cycles. Through this connection you find that you want to spend more time outdoors, in nature. You choose healthier products, you avoid preservatives, you become more aware and you realise that your own body’s ability to heal is greater that you could have ever imagined before.

Meditation helps you to deal with stress – stress is the biggest cause of all sorts of sicknesses. And as much as stress is a natural, physical and mental reaction to life experiences and everyone experiences stress from time to time, but ongoing, continuous stress can affect every organ of our bodies. It can cause headaches, depression, insomnia, and all sorts of heart diseases. It can weaken our immune system, cause high sugar levels. It can affect our digestive system, fertility and many more. Regular meditation practice develops the skill within us that helps us to deal with stress. It helps to quieten our mind; it helps us to see our issues from a different perspective; it helps us to stay impartial and to gain clarity.

Meditation calms our body system – when you sit to your practice you start focusing on breathing. With a long, deep breath, you deliver more oxygen into your body. While you fulfil every cell of your system with precious oxygen, you also slow down your heartbeat and your blood pressure. You bring your body into a space where it can regenerate, where it can HEAL ITSELF.

How can this be done in practice? There are many meditation techniques to boost self-healing, I will recommend a few here:

Guided healing meditation – if you are considering starting your meditation with a healing purpose, guided healing meditation would be a perfect choice. These meditations allow you to relax, unwind and let the meditation to guide you. You can download guided meditations online or through many different available meditation apps and specifically choose a meditative practice that focuses on healing and letting the voice guide you through your body with the intention of focusing on the part that needs your attention.

Active meditation for healing – the aim of this meditation isn’t an emptying of your mind, but instead focusing on one thing for an extensive period of time. Begin this meditation with conscious deep breathing, then take time to focus on the part of your body that requires healing. Close your eyes and bring all your awareness into this part; slowly scan this place within yourself; imagine the healing process; visualise how the cells are regenerating; let your mind and imagination to play – see how the army of warriors are fighting with the sickness, or perhaps how a laser moves through this part of your body healing it with light. It all depends what you find that resonates with you that your mind can associate with the healing process. Imagine it, stay in it, send all your mental attention into it. To finish this meditation, leave some time for deep breaths, inhale clear, fresh air, imagine the oxygen getting into this place and then exhale all of the bad energy, breathe out everything that is causing the sickness. Repeat for a few days, as many times as you can.

Mantra Meditation – this type of meditation can be very helpful in the self-healing process. Especially that it is believed that chanting some of the mantras can stimulate healing. There are two mantras that I would use for healing:

I. ‘Om Shree Dhanvantre Namaha’ this is an ancient, Sanskrit mantra. Dhanvantre is the God of healing and protection. It is believed that he was the one that created Ayurveda (the ancient system of natural medicine). The meaning of this mantra is ‘Oh Lord Shri Dhanvantre, I bow to you with prayers’. This mantra can be chanted any number of times and at any time of the day, however it is believed that repeated 108 times in the morning, it can be highly effective in getting the blessing of God and in getting the healing energy. You can chant it for yourself but also with the healing intention for others. You can also listen to it or play to someone who is ill, my favourite version of this mantra is chanted by Deva Premal, link here:

II. ‘Ra Ma Da Sa, Sa Say So Hung’ – this is a relatively new mantra, first thought of in 1973 and it is one of the most important Kundalini Yoga mantras. This is the mantra for the sacred healing. It is used to pray for healing energy for our friends, family, and ourselves. Practicing the mudra (hand position) and the mantra properly will optimize the flow of energy and will make this meditation more effective. And as everything in Kundalini Yoga comes with a clear instruction as to how it should be practiced:

Posture: Sit in Easy Pose (sitting on the floor, with legs crossed) or in a chair with feet planted firmly on the ground, with the spine straight, and a chin pulled back slightly.

Mudra: The mudra is most important. The arms should be bent fully and the upper part of the arms should be pressed firmly yet comfortably against the ribs, with the hands extended out at a 45-degree angle from the centre of the body and facing outwards. The palms are flat but not rigid, facing up, the wrists pulled back, fingers together.

Meaning of this mantra:

Ra is the energy of the Sun: strong, bright, and hot. It energizes and purifies.

Ma is the energy of the moon: receptive, cool, and nurturing.

Da is the energy of Earth: secure and personal. It is the ground of action.

Sa is the impersonal Infinity. The cosmos in all of its dimensions, openness, expansiveness and totality. Sa is the impersonal Infinity.

Say is the totality of experience and is personal. It is the feeling of a sacred "Thou." It is the embodiment of Sa.

So is the personal sense of merger and identity.

Hung is the Infinite, vibrating and real. The two qualities together (So and Hung) mean: "I am Thou."

This mantra should be chanted for 11 to 31 minutes.

For me it is a very powerful mantra that I am practicing or listening to nearly every day, my favourite version is chanted by Ajeet, link here:

Remember – ‘Everything is energy. Your thought begins it, your emotion amplifies it and your action increases the momentum’. Make the right choices, take care of your body, your mind, and your emotions, use self-healing techniques, meditate. Be good to yourself.



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