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How Does the Moon Affect Us?

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

The idea that moon cycle affects people goes back thousands of years. The modern world depends on technology, on the calendar, on the weather forecast that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. But in the past people were following the rhythm of nature which included the moon cycle. Many of us heard about Gardening by the Moon, this is a very old farming practice, that uses the moon’s phases for cropping and harvesting. Also, as most people would be aware - the moon causes tides in the earth’s oceans, this happens as the moon’s gravity pulls the ocean towards it, while the earth’s gravity works the opposite way.

When we consider the fact that the human body is over 60% water, we can assume that the gravity of the moon will also affect ourselves. It is commonly known that during the full moon we register more births, but also more accidents and offenses. Most people will also see the change of their sleeping routine in around the full moon without even associating it with the moon’s energy; some will feel irritated with no specific reason. I believe that understanding the impact of the moon’s cycle can clarify to us some of our own reactions, this understanding can be used to our benefit.

It takes approximately 28 / 29 days for the moon to complete one full orbit around earth, this is the time from one New Moon to the next New Moon.


One of the oldest farming rules says that the best harvest is achieved from the seed planted during the New Moon. For us as well it is the perfect time for seeding – making plans, setting challenges, creating dreams but it is also the best time for manifestation. The New Moon is the start of a new cycle, it is a new beginning, a fresh start. The evening before the New Moon should be spent on calming ourselves down, this is the perfect time for meditation. While you are meditating see what the aspects of your life are that need change, make a new plan.

During the day before the New Moon and until the day after, you may feel tired, having less energy (the moon is the smallest) but soon as the moon will start getting bigger your energy level will grow too. Use this time on reflection, on planting new ideas, on visualisation, see for yourself where you want to be, mark your new path.

After this time, the moon starts growing again until it is opposite of the Sun, this is the point when the moon is biggest.


During the time of the Full Moon its energy impacts us the most. This energy intensifies our emotions, including all the positive and negative ones, it is important to understand this influence to be able to control our reactions. Most people during the Full Moon period feel agitated and/or have sleeping problems. During this time, we should avoid discussing controversial matters, most people’s vibration is affected by this energy, we often overreact, in this environment it is very easy to start conflicts even if the reason isn’t that important. It is better to wait out through this time.

The day of the Full Moon is a good time for a detoxing diet, as our body cleans itself most effectively but also absorbs the nutrients and vitamins much faster, which can positively impact our immune system. Eating heavy, unhealthy food during this time can lower our moods further, it is recommended to drink fresh juices, rich smoothies and to eat vegetables and fruits.

Full Moon is a perfect time for cleansing, for getting rid of unwanted items, for leaving behind what is blocking us from moving forward but also it is a time to see our progress. When we meditate, we learn how to not overreact, Full Moon is a test, if your practice is strong you should recognise this energy, you should use it…



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