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Power of Words - choosing carefully

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

How often we don’t realise how powerful are our words? For myself, words were always very important, the written word, spoken, the relationship between words was always at the centre of my attention. Choosing philology as my study even deepened this interest further. Analysing the written world, books, poems, literature, understanding the structure of certain phrases made me believe that there isn’t one thing in the world that could not be described by words and this is including love, patience, but also on the negative side like - hate and cruelty. For me words were always a tool to describe, to communicate and to speak up.

With time I released that there is also another aspect of words, namely their energy. Our world is created from atoms of energy, we are the energy, our thoughts, the food we eat, the water we drink but also the words we speak. The energy load driven by words can have a tremendous effect on our lives. The words have ability to help, to heal, to assist progress but also to hinder, to hurt, to humiliate, to humble. It is very important to choose our words carefully, regardless if they are spoken to or thought.

A few months ago, I came across the study of Dr Masaru Emoto, in his book “The Hidden Messages in Water” Emoto claims that the energy of a spoken word can affect the molecules of water. In his experiment he exposes the water in glasses to different words, pictures, or music, then after freezing this water he examines the water crystals under a microscope, taking pictures of the molecules. The pictures taken by Dr Emoto demonstrate how the water exposed to loving and compassionate human intention, that includes kind spoken words, classic and relaxation music or prayer, forms beautiful physical molecular formations, while water exposed to fearful and cruel human intensions results in disfigured, unpleasant formations. The book includes all photographs with the word description that the water was exposed to prior to the picture being taken. This beautiful study moves even further, he demonstrates how the polluted water can change when exposed to loving and kind energy.

When we consider the fact that our bodies are in 60 % made out of water we should understand the importance of the words we use, if our every day vocabulary consists of negative, harmful words it means our bodies are affected by this, the vibrations of the molecules that we are built from are affected which leads to the whole system being dysfunctional. When we speak using kind and loving vocabulary our vibrations increase and our system glows. It is also important to remember that water symbolises the human soul, the water cleans us and now, us using a positive attitude and a loving approach we can also clean the water.

Dr Emoto study proves that every word, thought, prayer, mantra, sound and intentions are forming our reality, are forming us, we are shaping our lives and we are doing it by using the words we speak and the words we think. It is very important to control the way we form our thoughts, how we describe the world and the others to ourselves, do we apply a positive and loving approach, or are we full of doubts, driven by fearful emotions and hurtful language? It is up to us to make conscious choices of how we would like our life to progress.

My meditation journey affected every aspect of my life and naturally it affected the way of expressing myself, since I decided to carefully choose the way I speak and mostly the way I think, my life had progressed. This change brought lots of clarity into my way of thinking, I realised how much my life was affected by exposing myself to bad language, to inappropriate music and even violent movies that I was watching. I now choose my environment carefully and thanks to regular meditation I learned how to stop negative energy of the other people to affect my energy. It is in our hands to create a life full of compassion, love and empathy. It is up to us to create our happiness, we all can do it for ourselves, the only thing we need is to make conscious choices driven by kindness and appreciation.



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