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This too will pass - living through difficult times.

We live in difficult times, most countries here in Europe are facing the second wave of the virus, further lockdowns and vast uncertainty as to how to go about our life in this new, strange to us world. We are worried about our close ones, our family, work, financials and this is a very natural reaction to what is happening around us. On top of it we are bombarded with bad news. It comes from everywhere – it is enough to turn the TV to hear about the climb in positive cases, beds taken in the hospitals, new outbreaks. Same with social media, information platforms, radio. It is difficult to find good news. For many of us this is an anxious time, as much as we may want to stay out of it, the fear campaign around us affects our mental health, our emotions, OUR LIFE. Yes, OUR life… Let’s stop here and think about our life. What is our life, who influences it? Who controls it? Who lives it? It is only us who can live our life for ourselves, so let’s live it. In difficult times too, we can still have our life and we can make the best of it even now. It will be different but different doesn’t need to be disappointing. It is up to us to make it liveable. How to do it?

1. Turn off the news – you know the situation, you know enough of about it, at this stage you read many articles about the virus, you also came across conspiracy theories, you heard many doctors, politicians, neighbours, expert’s opinions. It is enough. Try to go one day without following the updated figures on new cases, perhaps you could maybe go even longer.

2. Accept – remember you are not the only one person that is affected by this situation. Fighting it isn’t going to take it away. If masks are mandatory, wear masks, keep distance, wash your hands. Arguing over its necessity isn’t going to bring peace into your life.

3. Take it day by day – we all would love to get back to making plans, booking holidays, but we all need to wait a little bit longer for the world to come back to some kind of normality, and even if it will never be exactly the same, we will adopt to the new reality, it is in our hands to make it beautiful again.

4. Let the change be – we are subject to change since we are born, through all our life, this is just one more phase, another change that we need to adopt into our lives. Yes, we like positive changes better but yet only when we notice darkness we discover the light.

5. Be good to others – understand the fact that not everyone has the same view, one is a rebel, the other a follower, one stronger and the other weaker, some might like to wear two masks while the other struggles to follow any rules. Mind the ones that are not coping with situation too well, and if it is you, reach for help.

6. Remember – this will pass too. Nothing is permanent, there were many pandemics before. This virus will become history at some point too, do not turn the spiral of fear, instead learn how to live differently, take care of yourself and your close ones.

7. Meditate – I can’t find any other method that can bring peace into your life more effectively than meditation. There is a lot of information about meditation on the internet, there is a lot on my blog too, including tips on how to start, benefits and techniques. Try it, you have now more time, use this time wisely.


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